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The CrewID™ System

Provides the Aviation Industry a global system for operators, officials, FBOs, MROs and others that have a need to verify credentials, certifications, training and security data of crews. Verify details instantly anywhere in the world, 24/7/365.



What is CrewID™?

The CrewID™ Badge and Credentialing System is revolutionizing the way the aviation community identifies themselves. Not merely an ID with a photo, but a credential that verifies in real time and provides relevant data on the individual badge holder. Some of which includes:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Employment status
  • Job positions for flight crews, ground crews and medical crews
  • Coming soon – Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) crew positions!!

Our mission at CrewID™ is to connect our industry by providing a secure credential for each facet of aviation, anywhere in the world. Whether it’s for air charter operators, medical transport crews, ground handling support or UAS remote pilots, we’re here to support them all. To learn if CrewID™ is right for your operation, click here!

What are some of the CrewID™ Benefits?

The most recent benefit for CrewID™ clients was released in March of 2020, offering Free DHS Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI) Training and Security Awareness Training for ALL employees. Once a company has gone through the vetting process, all employees, regardless of whether they have a CrewID™ badge, are able to complete the BLI Training and Security Awareness Training. Additional benefits include:

  • The CrewID™ Badge co-branded with your company logo
  • Ability to use the Crew Lane when arriving from international flights
  • Access to use the CrewID™ System to manage your account to present your credentials to a third party as necessary
  • Crewmember discounts at numerous airports, restaurants and hotels