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FAQs Regarding the CrewID™ System

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  1. Who is eligible to enroll in the CrewID™ Badging System? Companies that are in good business standing and are able to pass the vetting process can provide a CrewID™ badge to anyone who the administrator determines needs the company credential.
  2. As a private pilot who does not work for a company, can I order this badge? All badge holders must be associated with a company that has passed the vetting process. Companies that may be eligible include: sole proprietorships, LLCs, partnerships, etc.
  3. How long does the vetting process take? The vetting process takes between 3-5 business days as long as the requested documentation is received in a timely manner.
  4. What does the company vetting process involve? For NATACS clients, additional vetting is not required. If you are a new client, you must register your company through the CrewID™ website to initiate the vetting process. This process ensures your company’s identity and validity in accordance with appropriate authorities. It also establishes a point person responsible within your organization.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of employees who can be enrolled? There is no limit.
  6. How many administrators can I assign to our company account? Two is recommended, but please refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA).
  7. Can my employee pay for their own badge? The employer can order/pay and then be reimbursed by the employee, typically through a payroll deduction.
  8. Do deactivated badges need to be returned to CrewID™? This includes terminated and expired badge holders. Yes, the CrewID™ badge is property of CrewID™. All badges must be returned or attestation completed. Contact our customer service department for the required form. If the badge is not returned, that person will not be issued a badge under any company by CrewID™ until satisfactory resolution of the prior badge.
  9. Does CrewID™ provide me discounts at restaurants, hotels, etc. when traveling? If the establishment currently participates in crewmember benefits or discounts, this badge may qualify you to receive the benefits and/or discounts.
  10. What trainings can I access through CrewID™? Currently, CrewID™ offers DHS Blue Lightning Initiative (BLI) Training and Security Awareness Training at no cost to all enrolled employees.
  11. Do I have to be a CrewID™ badge holder to access training? All employees within your CrewID™ account can access the free training modules without holding a CrewID™ badge.

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